Flowers & Fatigues Figure Prominently

Here in Claremont, the arrival of spring does not bear any significant change in temperature, but it brings a feeling of much-needed renewal. After four months of the same old “winter” clothing, a few newly inspired pieces of spring fashion are refreshing. Fashion this spring explores the full range of the color spectrum, from tie-dye by Proenza Schouler to gray and camel monochromatic looks inspired by Chloé.

As seen in Vogue, Rorschach prints are no longer solely being used for psychoanalysis, but have become a new pattern for spring, along with floral and the “multi-print” look by Thakoon. As for color, the camel-tone trend has carried over from the fall and been revamped for spring. Instead of pairing camel with tights and a coat, it is being paired with bare legs and sandals (and the more graphic the camel piece, the younger the vibe). It is described as the “perfect neutral” and is equestrian-inspired to create a minimalist look.

The monochromatic look in both gray and camel tones complements the new “lightness” of accessories for this season. Instead of over-sized, “statement” pieces, the look for jewelry this spring is “light” and airy—with one exception. Thick hoop earrings are back from the ’90s, harking back to our middle-school days. Shoes, however, are kept simple with the new Oxford style, and purses tend to be either sporty and bright, or neutral and fringed.

As for dresses and skirts, the frillier, the better. Uber-feminine, feathered skirts in pastel shades, as well as cheerleader-inspired skirts are appearing on runways and in stores this season. Providing contrast, military jackets are also making a resurgence, reviving Marc Jacobs from 2004. Complementing this look are light, boxy jackets and tailored vests like those seen on the runway from designer Philip Lam.

This season, light, cutout sweaters as well as strategically cutout swimwear can be found in a variety of stores, including TopShop. This “barely there” trend also includes layering lace or crocheted pieces—like those designed by Michael Stars—to show hints of skin. The “multi-strap” dress is also a variation on this look, but creates an architectural feel that brings us back to the minimalist, geometric theme.

This year, like most years, florals have returned in a big way. Target’s Liberty of London line is an economical option for spring, with floral clothing and accessories all under $45 (a steal compared to the original Liberty of London fabrics from England). Also coming to Target is a line by Zac Posen that will hit stores Apr. 24 as part of the Go: International collection. Posen cites Lesbian Prom as an inspiration for his collection, which will include frocks and bathing suits in red and gold, tuxedo-style tops and blazers, polka dots, and will feature a yellow raincoat, and a neon, zebra-striped dress—all priced under $70. With so many fashion-forward options this spring, Target is a great place to start your search for some student-budget friendly options.

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