Ask the Rev: Advice for all Situations

Howdy! I’m the Rev.

Hopefully, starting now, you will be reading my advice column every week in TSL. In it, I’ll advise as best I can people just like us on questions they have in their lives. This, I realize, is a very intimate relationship, so we better start it off on a solid foundation. So let’s get building!

First, why should you write in? It may seem weird to ask advice of a total stranger, but let’s be real—it can’t hurt. When you get advice, either you like it and it changes your life forever, or you think it’s stupid and you’re exactly where you started. Honestly, I find it absurd that we don’t ask advice more often from our peers, elders, and young ‘uns. I guess sometimes it feels like the people we walk by on the street just don’t have the time to listen to our problems, and we feel like we just don’t have the time to tell them. Take a chance, open up. It can only help.

Who am I to give advice? Well, let me start by saying that I want to keep it anonymous—both me and you. What’s in a name? Nothing that matters when giving and receiving advice, that’s for sure. Either it’s good advice, or it’s bad advice, no matter who is telling it to you. Intimacy and publicity rarely go hand in hand, so let’s keep our judgments out of it and just open it up. I think we’ll both be more emotionally satisfied.

All of my so-called advice is nothing more than careful observation, intuition, and sincerity. It’s what I’ve learned from my own experiences and from listening to others. I just love it when people tell me their problems. Every problem is an opportunity for growing your perspective, for increasing your wealth of understanding and compassion. So for the questions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The advice is nothing.

Why do it publicly? Because this is an opportunity for everyone to learn. Everyone’s lives are different, but we also have a lot of similarities. If you read this column, I can guarantee you that you’ll find someone who asks a question that you’ve thought about. I bet you some of the advice will apply to you. Life has a funny way of working out like that. Wisdom is for everyone to share.

Let’s break the ice (or realize that we’re in tropical waters). Here’s some advice that will solve many, many of your problems:

-Just be honest. It’s not always the easy way, but it’s always the truth and the reality. It’s the only way to actually clean up any mess.

-Tell people how you really feel about them. Especially, tell the people you love that you really love them, as much as possible.

-Try to love more people in your life. Loving people will make you happy; hating people will make you oh so miserable.

-Appreciate everything you’re given. It’s all a gift; how could you get upset over something that wasn’t yours to begin with?

-You can’t really control anything—especially people.

-Actually listen to what people are saying. Actually listen. Just try it. It’s mind-blowing.

Just send an email to any time you want, and I’ll write as much as I can. I’m looking forward to your questions.

All peace, love, and happiness in your life,

The Rev

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