KSPC Corner Wrap-Up

This semester is winding down, but KSPC does not stop! Tune in to the station online for a taste of Claremont while you are away. If you have never listened before, take advantage of your newfound free time and get acquainted with the huge variety of music that the station offers. Did you know that there is a show dedicated entirely to the music of videogames? You never know what you might hear.

For now, give yourself a study break during finals and come to a KSPC social or just turn on the radio. We all deserve to have a few moments, however fleeting, of time away from the December work crunch.

There were some great KSPC-sponsored concerts this semester, including Foot Village and Lake and Karl Blau. If you missed out, be sure to look for flyers for next semester’s concerts. We have a ton of great new bands coming to campus, so don’t miss the opportunity to check them out live.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who reviewed CDs or helped out at the station this semester! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and contribute immensely to the quality of the station.

Finally, thanks for reading KSPC Corner this semester! While I’ll be abroad next semester, there will be another voice here to fill you in on all of the behind-the-scenes and not so behind-the-scenes information from KSPC. We don’t want college radio to be a mysterious undertaking—anyone can join us!

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