KSPC Corner: Music Month Concert Features Magical Mistakes and Faun Fables

KSPC hosted its second blowout concert of the semester last Thursday, Nov. 5, featuring Pitzer student project Magical Mistakes as well as Oakland’s Faun Fables as part of the first concert of music month. The show had something for fans of a couple different genres, featuring both electronic and folk music.

Magical Mistakes, formerly known as Death by Panda and featured on Volume Three of the KSPC “Basement Tapes” series, began the night by playing his one-man original mixture of electronic music and live drumming. He was accompanied by a mélange of projected footage from several sources, including some “Wonderful World of Sports” fencing footage from several decades ago. The footage was played on a film reel, adding an interesting twist to the presentation.

Doms Lounge was packed for the Magical Mistakes set, full of enthusiastic fans and new converts to the Magical Mistakes sound. By the end of the set, the audience was completely immersed in the unique music, swaying and head-bobbing happily.

After a brief break during which several audience members made a quick trip upstairs for challah, Faun Fables, an experimental folk duo, took the stage. The two musicians described their wandering lifestyle and sang several covers. The instruments used were unusual, as some songs involved pipes and drumming as well as more traditional guitar-driven melodies.

They opened with a cover of a Polish song about youth, filled with drumming and interesting vocal overlapping. The duo had a strong stage presence, telling stories of their friends across the country and establishing rapport with the crowd. One of the most intriguing songs of the set was graphically described as “Texas Road Kill,” and was dedicated to their friends.

Perhaps you had to be there, but it was charming. Faun Fables certainly had a more low-fi sound than Magical Mistakes, and the contrast made for an interestingly varied night. Overall, the first concert of music month made for an evening to be remembered and provided a much needed break from the typical campus events of a Thursday night.

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