Consortium renews Honnold Mudd elevator permits after failing to update permits for four years in violation of state law

The operation permits in the elevators of the Honnold-Mudd Library expired nearly three years ago. (Ellen Kim • The Student Life)

Until they were updated this week, inspection permits posted in two Honnold Mudd Library elevators were up to four years out of date, violating California law.

TSL’s inquiry into the expired permits last week appeared to prompt new permits to be posted.

Though the elevators were inspected last June, according to San Bernardino Department of Industrial Relations safety inspector Winfield Sheridan, the new permits remained unposted for up to four years.

The updated permits must be posted following inspection, according to California conveyance codes. Sheridan said the Honnold Mudd elevators passed a safety inspection June 1, 2018.

Kim Lane, a spokesperson for The Claremont Colleges Services, confirmed in an email to TSL Feb. 4  that the new permits still needed to be posted. According to Lane, Honnold Mudd elevators are inspected and permits are updated annually by Amtech Elevator Services, which is also responsible for posting them.

Amtech general manager Dan Buttrey declined to comment and directed all questions to TCCS.

Lane said TCCS reached out to Amtech in fall 2018 to renew the permits, but new permits were not posted.

“Our central facilities services unit is aware that they will have to follow up more thoroughly with Amtech in the future,” Lane wrote.

Some students said the outdated permits made them worried about riding in the elevators.

“Every time I’m in the elevator I just look at the safety sticker posted and it says that the elevator was last checked for safety in April 2016,” Sarthak Sharma PO ’20 wrote in a message to TSL Monday. “It’s a little alarming.”

Other students using study spaces in the library said they rarely use the elevators, opting to take the stairs instead.

Christina Rusu SC ’21 frequents the library but rarely uses the elevators, because they sound “very old” and “frail.”

“That’s why I’m taking the stairs,” she said.

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