Harvey Mudd temporarily lifts credit/no credit maximum in revised spring 2021 grading policy

Harvey Mudd College announced temporary changes to its grading policies for the spring 2021 semester. (Jojo Sanders • The Student Life)

In a significant change to its standard grading policy, Harvey Mudd College removed its limit on the amount of classes its students can take as credit/no credit in the spring 2021 semester.

The amendment temporarily lifts the previous maximum, in which only students could only take one course CR/NC per semester.

With the CR/NC limit removed, courses that still count toward students’ Core, major, HSA and graduation requirements when taken CR/NC are enumerated on a pre-approved list collated by HMC faculty, according to a Monday email to students from Registrar Mark Ashley.

The “new flexibility” in grading policy was attributed to student requests that ASHMC conveyed to the Faculty Executive Committee in February, according to an attachment to the email.

Students must notify their instructors of their decision to take a course CR/NC by April 16. A credit grade is received in any course a student would have received a letter grade of C or better. Grades below will show up on transcripts as NC, which carry no credit and do not satisfy any requirements. 

These changes only apply to HMC students and can not be adopted by non-HMC students taking a course at the college, according to the attachment. 

The college previously amended its semester’s grading policy in spring 2020, when students were able to opt into taking any class pass/no credit at any time during the semester, including after viewing final course grades. 

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