CMC social life committee dissolves

CMC students are divided on the school’s policies surrounding social life. (Jonathan Ke • The Student Life)

On Feb. 12, ASCMC President Josh Nagra sent an email to the CMC student body announcing the dissolution of the Committee to Consider the Resolution on the Protection of CMC Social Life.

This action came in the wake of an ASCMC Senate meeting on Feb. 6 to discuss a resolution proposed by Austin Anderson CM ’24 demanding that the school remove “arbitrary” and “unreasonable” restrictions on social life. The committee was formed by students supportive of Anderson’s goals to revamp party culture at CMC. 

However, many students opposed to the resolution felt that the committee would perpetuate a racist and exclusionary party culture at CMC. Prior to the committee’s dissolution, Camille Forte CM ’23 advocated for more diverse voices to be represented in the conversation of future social life on campus. 

“Their claim that [the] Senate is inclusive and representative of the whole school is something that I disagree with,” Forte said. “It was quite obvious that the buy-in that this type of resolution elicited was from students that were majority white, majority student athletes.” 

But students like Agosto Aliaga CM ’24 reject the interpretation of the resolution that incentivized alienating certain students. 

“They’re [those against resolution] arguing that we want to return to the fraternizing culture of the school,” Aliaga said. “But I think most of what the committee’s arguments on why they want to regress to the old culture is not for that aspect of it. They just want more frequent parties and larger parties.”

At this time, no members of the committee have made statements as to why it was dissolved, as they are waiting to discuss with administration early next week.

This story is currently developing and will be updated with new information shortly.

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