Several students stopped, some fined on day of increased police activity

A man in the center of the image rides a bicycle in the street, while students walk around and text behind him among a background of trees and paved roads.
Several students on bicycles were pulled over by Claremont Police for failing to fully stop at crosswalks near Pomona College, with some students potentially facing hefty fines as a consequence. (Jeremy Snyder • The Student Life)

Seven Claremont drivers and bicyclists, including some students, were cited by officers stationed near Marston Quad on Pomona College’s campus for traffic code violations April 1, all regarding failure to completely stop at a crosswalk.

Punishments for such violations include up to $100 fines and potential court appearances, according to California traffic laws and Claremont Police Department Cpl. Nick Martinez.

CPD was stationed at the intersection of Sixth Street and College Avenue, according to public records obtained from Lt. Michael Ciszek.

The individuals face fines as high as $200 for a second offense and $250 for a third offense within a year. Martinez, one of the officers stationed near campus April 1, said “any traffic citation that is issued will require court appearance in traffic court.”

Molly Ferguson SC ’20 was stopped around 10 a.m. and said she was given a “warning” with “no monetary consequences or official charge.” However, she said she was concerned about the potential impacts of the checkpoint.

“Having police officers stationed at a busy intersection that is difficult for students to avoid during the busiest part of the day has the potential to impact students at the college dramatically and be disruptive to the [education] taking place here,” she said.

The April 1 stops were part of continued series of various traffic safety checks such as cell phone usage, seatbelts and DUI checkpoints, which CPD must perform to receive annual grants from the state Office of Traffic Safety, according to Martinez.

Though the police were near Marston Quad on Pomona’s campus, CPD stationing on private campus property is “not a legal issue,” Martinez said.

“We were looking specifically for violations … occurring on the city streets,” he said. “We were not targeting students.”

CPD officers on motorcycles have set up a checkpoint on College Avenue near Marston Quad on at least one other occasion.

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