5C dashboards diverge as early cases surge at Harvey Mudd, Pomona

Three people wearing masks sit at tables doing homework on their computers.
Indoor masking is largely optional at the 5Cs this fall, unlike last year when it was mandatory.  (Florence Pun • The Student Life)

As the first week of classes draws to a close, the 5Cs have taken a varied approach to providing test data as COVID-19 cases fluctuate across the consortium. 

Scripps College has not updated its dashboard since May 13 and no information has been provided on whether it will be running this fall. 

When asked to provide data, Scripps spokesperson Rachael Warecki directed TSL to Student Health Services, who declined TSL’s request to share internal data. 

“Since testing primarily will be optional for the majority of the Scripps community, the Scripps dashboard will not be maintained at this time,” Warecki told TSL via email.

On Wednesday evening, Harvey Mudd College Dean of Students Marco Antonio Valenzuela told students via email that the college had put an end to its COVID-19 case dashboard.

Valenzuela’s email also announced a total of 24 positive cases on campus. 

As a result, students who test positive were told to isolate in place until more space becomes available. Harvey Mudd faced a similar situation last spring in both February and April.

“Since we are no longer testing weekly, the dashboard has been taken down. We will be sending out weekly emails instead,” Valenzuela said. 

Jay’s Place, Harvey Mudd’s late-night eatery, was scheduled to have its first opening of the semester Wednesday night. But Valenzuela said in his email that it has been pushed to next week.

Meanwhile, Pitzer College’s dashboard is the most frequently updated out of all the 5Cs, with data available from Tuesday as of Thursday night. For the week of Aug. 22, Pitzer reported eight student positives and four faculty and staff positives. 

So far this week, Pitzer has reported five students with positive cases and one faculty and staff positive. 

Claremont McKenna College updates its case count on a weekly basis every Monday on its website, although it does not list the number of tests nor identify whether cases are students or staff. CMC reported six on-campus positive cases for the week of Aug. 22.

Pomona College’s dashboard listed 20 COVID-19 cases for the week of Aug. 21 to 27 — five students and 15 faculty and staff have tested positive.

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