Water shutoff impacts Pitzer, Scripps and Harvey Mudd

workers sweep around pipes in an intersection
Workers make repairs on Mills Avenue outside Pitzer College Friday afternoon. (Jasper Davidoff • The Student Life)

Updated Jan. 21 at 4:21 p.m.

A warm, dry Friday got even drier in parts of the 5Cs when repairs by local utility Golden State Water Company caused water service to shut off across the consortium’s northern campuses. Pitzer College, Scripps College and Harvey Mudd College were affected.

Scripps students were warned about the outage in a Thursday morning email.

“We urge the Scripps Community to prepare for a lack of water service during this time period,” the college’s facilities department said. “Normal water service will be restored to your area as soon as crew members complete the necessary work.”

The repairs were slated to take place on Mills Avenue and Amherst Avenue between 9th Street and Foothill Boulevard, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., according to the department. Affected buildings included several residence halls, academic buildings and the Office of Student Engagement. 

Pitzer students, though, weren’t informed until the outage had already started, receiving an alert from Chief Operating Officer Laura Troendle just before noon on Friday.

We are arranging bottled water to be delivered, and are working with our sister campuses to expedite the water company to turn is (sic) back on,” Troendle said.

The Pit-Stop Cafe and Shakedown Cafe were closed during the disruption, a message from Associate Vice President of Facilities Patricia Langevin said.

Mudders were also caught off guard, getting notification of the outage Friday morning from facilities staff. Community members were told they could use restrooms, sinks and water fountains in academic buildings on the west side of campus.

According to Scripps facilities, community members might experience “some air and or discoloration of the water” after service is restored. The issue should resolve after faucets are run on cold for a while, the department said.

This is a developing story and will be updated with more information.

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