Student Health Services now vaccinating 5C faculty, staff and eligible students

Student Health Services at the Claremont Colleges is vaccinating 5C employees since receiving their first vaccine allocation March 12.

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‘A ticking time bomb’: Social Security numbers of 7C employees, students kept on at-risk server for years

Claremont Colleges students’ and employees’ Social Security numbers were stored on an outdated server with a “critical vulnerability.”

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External reviewers brought in to assess Monsour as wait times climb to a month

It’s been yet another semester of month-long waits and patient complaints, and now a panel of outside specialists is on campus to evaluate Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services.

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Deans in the dark: Student Health Services makes unilateral decision to suspend appointments

When Student Health Services decided to suspend routine medical appointments Sept. 24, student deans across the 5Cs found themselves in the same boat as students: completely unaware.

Or at least, that’s what the consortium says now. Last week, The Claremont Colleges Services said deans were involved in “all the changes to the services being provided at SHS.”

Either way, students remained without formal notice from their respective colleges for at least a week.

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