Challah, chai, cheese, croissants and coffee: The 5 Cs keeping Claremont students afloat

Four student-run businesses — Claremont Challah, the Mac Shack, Milk & Honey and The Motley — are creating cuisine and community across the Claremont Colleges. Each with a unique flavor and mission, students are fed and paid by virtue of one another. Claremont Challah Picture this: You’re frantically writing a

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Exploring the nexus of oppression: WorldWe Youth 5C unravels the complexities of the sex trade

WorldWe Youth 5C is the youth branch of a broader national anti-sex trafficking and sex trade abolition organization World Without Exploitation. Club leaders hosted their second Sex Trade 101 semi-interactive presentation and conversation at Motley Coffeehouse on October 3rd at 7pm.

Through this event, presenters seeked to examine the multifaceted dynamics and origins of the commercial sex trade and the dimensions of social factors driving demand and overrepresentation within the prostitution system.

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A red-pilled and renovated Motley takes students down the rabbit hole at ‘The Motrix’

Since 1974, the Motley Coffeehouse has served as a beloved institution on the Scripps College campus. On Sept. 21, 5C students with long leather jackets, sleek black sunglasses and slicked back hairstyles gathered for an evening of ambient green lighting, live music and colorful drink options at the coffeehouse’s annual opening party, “The Motrix.”

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