Who’s the suitest? 5C suites take to Instagram

A group of male college students stand in a residence hall room.
Instagram accounts run by suites post fun content about their daily lives to increase social interaction that was scarce during the previous school year.

In one of the seven-person suites of Frankel Hall at Scripps College, a lively bunch make their home. Perhaps by subconscious processes or by the divine hand of coincidence, the suite’s two available bathrooms are divided by hair type: on one side, there are the four curly-haired KappaKappa Curly and on the other, the three straight-haired Sigma Straight. Together, they are KappaSigma. 

For those interested in the comings and goings of a pseudo-sorority, a snapshot of their lives together can be found at @bitchcentralfun on Instagram. 

KappaSigma is not alone in taking their suite life online. Suite instagrams — such as @bitchcentralfun, @suite_dv8 and @suitesexyyy — seem to be becoming a phenomenon of the Claremont Colleges’ social media circles. 

“I love it,” Melí Kofokotsiou PO ’23, a follower of @bitchcentralfun, said. “I’m a huge fan. [They] always [post] interesting content.” 

All of KappaSigma matriculated in 2019, but they’re now graduating at different times due to gap years and leave of absence semesters. Pre-pandemic friends, they lived together in different combinations during the past year and a half. 

“One day we were just talking about how cute it would be if we had an Instagram just for each other to be able to look back on our memories for the year,” KappaKappa Curly member Demiana Ibrahim SC ’23 said. 

Two female college students gesture to a sign on the wall that says "Bitch Central."
The so-called KappaSigma pseudo-sorority in Frankel Hall created @bitchcentralfun to document their suite life.

“If we were super vintage, maybe we’d do a photo album, but I don’t have the time or the willpower, so this is our best bet,” fellow KappaKappa Curly Zalia Maya SC ’24 added. 

Later, the suite decided to take it a step further and make the digital album public. 

“It was half a joke and half because we are all just … full of ourselves.” Maya said. 

Maya described their content as a minimally curated inner line of thought, “but seven of them at the same time.” Their posts range from jokes, to pictures of nights out, to indulgences in white sorority YouTube, to the joys and mishaps of everyday life together — anything that will make another suitemate laugh. 

For example, KappaKappa Curly all have morning classes and wake up early for them, which often results in contention over the use of their shared shower in the morning. 

“There was one morning this week when we all opened our doors and stepped out in our towels and were like ‘OOOK!’” Maya said.

The account brings another dimension to their social life. 

“It’s also just a fun way to interact with each other … Because we all have the login and all have access to it, we all bring something different to the table,” Maya said.

One downside to the shared Instagram is managing DMs, Ivrahim explained. When people DM the account, they don’t know who will receive their message, and coordinating who is responding to which DM is often messy. 

“Don’t DM us,” Ibrahim said. “Just find us in person — find us in the wild.”

Across the street at Pitzer College, another suite has found its way to Instagram: @suite_dv8. The page greets viewers with some prime “bro” content: big smiles, basketball shots, shirtless piano playing and slacklining by the Pitzer mounds. It’s a group of seven sophomores and juniors on the Pomona-Pitzer football team, plus a “random” — but still welcome — senior. 

Moving into campus a month early, the seven teammates wanted to get incoming students pumped for their time at Pitzer by giving a little insight into campus life prior to their arrival, Miles Mouradian PZ ’23 explained. 

“Half of the student body hadn’t been on campus,” account creator Cameron Shirangi PZ ’24 said. “We wanted to make this an inclusive environment for everybody and to make sure everybody is having a good time on campus … and also to get ourselves out there a little bit.” 

All suitemates have access to the Instagram account, with permission to delete or add videos as they wish.

“Honestly, everybody loved the idea,” Shirangi said. 

He was surprised by how much attention the page received. 

“It was kinda motivating,” he said. “People are actually watching our stuff.”

Illustrative of the group’s intentions, the name of the account is a play on words devised by Mouradian. 

“We are called suite dv8 because us as a suite are trying to deviate from the football stereotypes here on campus,” Mouradian said. 

He shared how in classes, in the dining hall or just while meeting new people, he’s sometimes met with a bit of an adverse reaction when sharing that he’s on the football team. 

“Suite dv8’s goal is to show people that we are not that football stereotype,” Mouradian said. “We are good dudes — just get to our room, get to know us better and let’s have fun!” 

Suite dv8 aims to post fun, relatable content about their dorm life to lighten the mood from the stress students often experience. They also want to publicize other P-P sports teams with their platform.  

“We like to highlight the best qualities in everybody, and that’s what we want to continue doing,” Shirangi said. 

Mouradian and Shirangi expressed wanting to make dv8 an inclusive space. 

“We are always here for everybody,” Shirangi said. “If you feel like you do not feel like you are fitting in anywhere, we are always here, and we are a place where everybody is invited all the time.” 

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