Women’s Volleyball Recap: October 9

The women’s volleyball team swept all three of its matches last week against some of the top ranked schools in SCIAC.On Tuesday, Sept. 29, the Sagehens beat California Lutheran (ranked 24th in D-III nationally) for the first time on Cal Lu’s court. Though the Sagehens lost in the first (21-25) and third (25-20) sets, they were able to pull it together for the second (25-22), fourth (27-25), and deciding fifth set (17-16).On Friday, the Sagehens played La Verne, a team that the Hens had not beaten since 1997. P-P won the first two sets 25-18 and 25-23. In the third set, La Verne narrowly beat the Sagehens 29-27 and evened the match by taking the fourth set 25-23. In the deciding fifth set, the Sagehens regained control of the game and ended up winning 15-13.Sarah Amos PI ’10, Dana Kittrelle PO ’10, Kenzie Aries PI ’12, Eleanor Hughes PO ’11, Christine Chan PO ’11, Heidi Leonard PO ’12, and Jordan Hammond PO ’12 all played well and led the Sagehens to their second consecutive win.The Sagehens’ third win of the week came in their game against Cal Tech on Saturday. Catelyn Gumaer PI ’13, Lauren Kim PO ’13, Anna Miller PO ’13, and Erin Toothaker PO ’13 all had notable plays in the game to help secure a P-P win. The win against Cal Tech put the Sagehens in a three-way tie for second place in SCIAC, along with Cal Lu and La Verne.Amos, a captain, expressed her excitement at this week’s wins.“Beating these two teams [Cal Lu and La Verne] was the best thing that we could have accomplished all season,” she said. “Beating those teams was my goal for this year, and we as a team accomplished that. I have never been so thrilled and excited for anything and am so proud of my team.”

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