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Welcome to the Fall 2009 sports section. We are doing a few things differently this year, and I thought that I would take the time to share this with you, the reader.

First, you may notice the absence of the Red and White colors. This is because we will not be covering CMS sports at this time for two key reasons. On the one hand, we want to focus on improving Pomona-Pitzer coverage, and will be directing our resources accordingly. On the other hand, CMS simply did not have the necessary support in its student body.

Second, we have a coherent group of beat writers that will be covering each sport. Seven writers for seven fall sports. These writers will get to know their team, and through them you will get an inside look at college athletics. We are a D-III program, so we have the opportunity to cover an incredible amount of information in an interesting and accessible manner.

Third, these writers will be taking some liberties. Nobody wants to read a formulaic sports article, when we have the opportunity to do so much more. That is why, in this first issue, you will learn about the Rock-Star status of Robbie Hayes and John Mering’s affinity to chicken nuggets. These athletes have stuck through their sport through thick and thin for the love of the game, and we want to impart that to the reader. Just give us a little patience, please.

And finally, you, the reader, may not like sports, but damnit you will be entertained by them. These are our friends, and our teams, and we will support them to the best of our abilities in TSL. Let’s go Sagehens!

-Rylan StewartSports Editor

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