Sagehens Go up in Flames in Season Opener

The new season started on a low note for Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Basketball (0-1, 0-1 SCIAC) as the visiting Bethesda University Flames (1-6, 0-1 NCCAAW) triumphed by a score of 76-68 on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

While the season had just begun for the Sagehens, the Flames were already in a rut. Until the victory, Bethesda had yet to win a game and opened the season 0-6. The Flames lost some games by over 20 points, but some of their games were pretty close. Their season had been unpredictable up until this game. Unfortunately for Pomona-Pitzer, the Flames were finally able to pull together a victory against the fresh Sagehens.

The Flames took the lead early and maintained it, ending the first half up 36-26.  Their lead peaked with 1 minute and 44 seconds left in the third quarter, as the Flames put up a 17-point lead.

The Sagehens rallied, however, managing to bring the game within two points late in the fourth quarter by a score of 70-68. The Flames refused to surrender, though, as they prevented the Sagehens from scoring at all during the last two minutes of the game. They scored 25 points in the fourth quarter to the Flames’ 17, but it was not enough to make up the lead that the Flames had built up in the third quarter. A pair of free throws by Taylor Smalley and Victoria Jackson sealed away the match for Bethesda, handing Pomona-Pitzer their first loss of the season.

It wasn't all bad news for the Sagehens, though. Alaina Woo PO ’17 racked up 24 points and Anita Romero PZ ’19 earned 22 during the match. Romero also snagged 11 rebounds throughout the game. Meanwhile, Ifeoma Okaro, the individual points leader for the Flames, only put up 14.

The Sagehens’ next home game will be against the Linfield College Wildcats on Nov. 22, who last year beat the Sagehens by 67-57. Their first conference game will be away against their Sixth Street Rivals, the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Athenas, on Nov. 30—whom the Sagehens haven’t defeated since 2013. Last year, the Sagehens finished fifth in SCIAC with an 11-14 record and an 8-8 conference record.

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