A New Star Rises on the Court

Alexis Sones PO ’13 brings a positive attitude to the Sagehen women’s basketball team on and off the court.

“Always shoot for the stars, you can’t dream for anything less,” Sones said.

The shooting guard, a junior transfer from Bowdoin, has played just six games for Pomona-Pitzer, but has already established herself as a leader on the team.

Sones’ passion for basketball developed at a young age. Her brother loved the sport and Sones always played the boys in elementary school. By ninth grade, she began to see basketball as more than just a hobby and joined a club team. While Sones has dipped her toes in many sports—including soccer, track, and cross country—there was something about basketball that entranced her.

“I think it’s because [basketball] is so competitive, challenging, and has so many more elements to it. You’re running, jumping, dribbling, shooting, playing defense, and keeping focus the entire time,” Sones explained.

Basketball has been central to Sones’ life, and playing in college was important to her.

“[Basketball] is essential to my mental and physical well being. There’s a very energetic and physical part of me that needs it. If I don’t practice and exercise, I’m not balanced in all areas of my life,” she said.

Sones has undoubtedly demonstrated that energy and passion since arriving at Pomona. At first, finding her place on the team was a little difficult. She was new, but also had two years of college experience under her belt, which is more than most of her teammates. Fortunately, her team made the transition easy.

“I love the girls,” Sones explained. “They’ve been so welcoming. I knew right away I would fit in.”

Even though she may have felt like a freshman at first, Sones, the oldest starter, quickly stepped up as a leader. Not only does she provide an ever-positive attitude and support to her team, her game is dominating as well. She is second on the team in points per game and is leading the team in minutes per game.

“I kind of naturally assume a leadership role because I talk a lot and have a very loud voice,” she said. “A big part of my game is being positive and encouraging; I feed off it. When everyone around me is doing well, I do well.”

Coming into her first season as a Sagehen, Sones wasn’t sure what to expect. Having played with the Bowdoin Polar Bears in the Sweet 16 tournament, Sones was ready to take on whatever challenges were to present themselves. Now that she’s played a few games as a Sagehen, she has a better grasp of what the team is capable of. Despite the fact that the Sagehens are 0-6, they have improved every game. They have faced many tough teams, but Sones sees a lot of talent and potential in the young squad.

“It’s tough losing, but I’ve stayed positive and made sure my teammates stayed positive,” Sones said. “We will be very prepared for conference play.”

So prepared, in fact, that Sones’ goal is to win SCIACS.

“You have to set your goals as high as possible,” she explained. “If you fall short, you forgive yourself, but what’s the point if you set your goals low?”

Sones’ energetic leadership on and off the court is contagious and sure to take the Sagehens far this season. But Sones is quick to credit her team.

“They have been so welcoming and amazing,” she reiterated. “I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to play with.”

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