Them Young Talks: Linking Creativity and Sports

Welcome back! I am sure all of you had a great start of the semester. As always, this cute little column is keeping the laid-back-chill-talk style, so as to temporarily relieve you of any stress you may feel from school, or basically anything stressful.

Let’s talk about success (the irony is that I’m trying to take you away from stress by bring up the most stressful topic). Everyone dreams of being successful, and a majority of us wants to be wealthy. With regard to all the successful people today, it appears that creativity is the key to their successes. You come up with a revolutionary idea, hack some servers, start Facebook 2.0, and get rich. Easy—except the 5Cs probably aren't going to let you hack into their servers.

But hey! Don’t give up just yet. College is a great time to improve your creativity. You never know when you'll get the opportunity to whip out the best idea you've created yet.

To be honest, school has been tough on us. There is no doubt about that. The rigorous course load seems to have molded our lifestyles into an unhealthy routine of “sleep, eat, study and party,” and pushed exercise out. Let’s analyze this for a second. Why is exercise not part of this routine? Probably because we lack the motivation to do it. We need to sleep and eat for obvious reasons. We need to study to learn new things and/or get good grades. Some of us need to party to relieve stress. But exercise? Come on now, walking to classes is already killing my legs.

Sometimes, I feel that we don’t utilize our creativity enough. But yo, this is your moment to shine: by merging creativity with exercise to make something cool.

I was j-chilling at the wall with my teammate Johanna the other day (the 10 seconds of rest you get before you have to go swim again), and she brought up the idea of starting another intramural sport: underwater hockey. It was at this moment that I also recalled my roommate’s idea of starting “splashball.” For those who don’t know what that is, it might be described as such: “Yeah man, it’s like water polo, but you know, on shallow water so you can stand on the bottom.”

Given the diverse personalities we are blessed with, these ideas are totally feasible! What’s more is that these ideas, though based off another sport, stem from creativity as well. Intramural sports like underwater hockey and “splashball” have great potential to encourage a healthier lifestyle as well as add a bit of fun to relieve stress.

At the 5Cs, we are all “work-hard-play-harder”-ers. We are so full of personality, so full of creativity, but we don’t utilize these qualities enough. It’s like we all possess this magic potion that has the capability to transform our college lives, but we’re like, “Nah fam.” Sometimes, the campuses need a little more than just the incredible parties we already have. Sometimes, they need a little more color than the party lights. Sometimes, the campuses just need some visible happiness, which will come from the students engaging in these activities.

Make the 5Cs a fun place to be at and create some unforgettable memories (good ones, hopefully), because happiness is infectious. Happiness is something we cannot live without. And linking creativity and sports together can bring about this essence of life. 

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