Chapman Overpowers P-P On Both Sides of the Ball

This past weekend, the Pomona-Pitzer football team (0-4, 0-2
SCIAC) took on favored Chapman
University (3-1, 2-0 SCIAC) for both teams’ fourth game of the season. Despite
a promising opening drive, the Hens were unable to stop the explosive offense of
the Panthers and ended up falling 58-0.

After last
week’s loss against University of Redlands, the Sagehens went back to the basics to try and
scrap up their first SCIAC win of the year.

“We worked
on the fundamentals,” head coach Roger Caron said. “Especially with us trying to
keep guys healthy and keep them in positions to be able to make plays.”

Not only
did the team return to the essentials physically after Redlands, but they also made
sure to return to the basics mentally.

“We focused
on bringing a new mindset to each practice and bringing more intensity as well,”
quarterback Luke Lowell PO ’18 said.

However, no
matter the drills they run or the plays they implement, the Hens currently lack
a key factor: experience.

“If you’re
just smaller and weaker than some of the guys you’re playing against because
you are younger, that can’t be practiced out,” Caron said. “That’s just a
matter of time and growth. So we’ll be going through some growing pains and it
just takes time.”

this showed in the numbers. Chapman passed for 219 yards, rushed for 385 and
was in possession of the ball for over 33 minutes. In comparison, P-P passed
for only 109 yards, rushed for 123 and had possession for fewer than 27

Nonetheless, the game started off encouraging for
the Hens when wide receiver Brett Harper PO ’16 rushed for 37 yards on the first play of
the game as part of a 61-yard P-P drive. Although the drive eventually failed,
it did push the Hens deep into Panther territory, forcing Chapman to start their
drive on their own one-yard line after a punt by Kevin Masini PO ’18.

“We started
off the game exactly like we thought that we could,” Caron said.

derailed for the Hens after the initial drive and punt. Chapman was able to
march 99 yards down the field to score their first touchdown on
P-P. Defensive back Adam Hinthorne PO ’18 was
able to block the Panthers’ kick attempt, however, making the initial score 6-0

“We let
this big play happen, and it kind of set the course of the game and they kept
bringing it,” Lowell said.  

Chapman scored four more times in the first
half, leading to a score of 34-0 in favor of the Panthers at the break despite
a late 80-yard drive by Lowell and the Sagehens.

The second
half did not start as P-P desired, with Chapman once again scoring on their first
drive in fewer than five minutes, leading to a score of 41-0.  In the end, the Panthers were able to score three more times, including a field goal, for a final score of 58-0.

the Hens had hoped for a much different outcome, Caron was still able to find
some highlights in the game.

“A couple
of our offensive linemen played well. Trey Connet PO ‘15 did a really nice job
for us. Grant Frazier PO ’16 did a good job as well,” Caron said. “We’re
playing hard, but I think we need to turn it up a notch.”

Caron also
pointed out the difficulty of their schedule thus far, in which P-P’s opponents
have a combined record of 14-4.

forward, the team remains hopeful that the future is bright.

“You learn
from your mistakes, but you don’t dwell on them,” Caron said. “That’s a hard
thing for young people to understand, and our job as coaches is to try and
rally up this week and move on to the next game.”

The players
are also confident that better games are to come.

“Our first
goal is to win a game, and then we have to focus on CMS. You have to beat CMC,”
Lowell said. “That’s our big goal in mind, and hopefully get some wins, upset
some teams, and make a name for ourselves.”

The Sagehens will be back on the gridiron
this Saturday, Oct. 18, at California Lutheran University (1-3, 1-1 SCIAC) at 1

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