The Man Behind the Beard: An Interview With Red Ludlam

A physics major at Pomona College, Kevin “Red” Ludlum PO ’13 has been an important player in the Sagehen offensive line over the last three years and looks to continue his strong play at offensive guard this season. Coming from Mission Viejo in Orange County, Ludlum is a captain of the Pomona-Pitzer football team this year and was a vital part of the strong offensive line that paved the way for running back Luke Sweeney PO ’13 to run his way to the Division III Rushing title last year. In an interview with TSL, Ludlum discussed being voted captain, memorable games and hitting people in high school.

TSL: I know the nickname is pretty self-explanatory, and everybody seems to call you Red, but do professors call you Red?

KL: Some do. It is gaining some popularity since all the football guys call me Red in class.

TSL: How did you originally get into football? I know you also played some other sports in high school, so why did you decide to focus on football?

KL: I didn’t originally want to play football. My mom just didn’t let me play when I was younger. Then she forced me to in high school because she thought I would like it. She was right, and I got to hit people, so I chose to do that over playing soccer and basketball.

TSL: It seems like the skilled players get most of the attention and linemen don’t get as much praise as they should. Does that ever get old or frustrating?

KL: Yeah it can get a little old, but it is not a big deal.

TSL: Luke Sweeney is now only 10 yards away from breaking the career rushing record for P-P. After blocking for him for the past couple of years, how much does it mean to you to see him break that record?

KL: It means a lot. It is a really awesome thing. It shows how great our run game has been the last couple of years and how hard we have worked, from him down to the O-line. We obviously aren’t the biggest guys, but we just keep running the ball and hitting people in the mouth, and we are about to make history.

TSL: What did it mean to you for your teammates to vote you in as captain? What are some of the responsibilities that come with that title?

KL: It meant the world to me. It is a huge honor; it has been awesome. I think it also shows that my teammates respect all the hard work I put in on the field, but also that off the field I’m down to clown. I really just want to be a leader on the field and make sure everybody is on the same page, and I’m glad I get the opportunity to do that everyday at practice and during games.

TSL: Looking back over the past four years, what game stands out to you as really memorable?

KL: Occidental last year was really, really fun, even though we lost. Sweeney had 265 yards rushing, which was really cool, and they just threw everybody down into the box, and we still just beat them up. My first start as a center was also memorable. We were playing Whitworth, and I didn’t know how to snap a football, but James Lambert PO ’12, the starting center, was injured, so I had to step in. Let’s just say it was certainly memorable.

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