P-P Women’s XC Heads from Bull Ride to Home Invitational

Ladies’ P-P XC is anxiously anticipating this weekend’s Pomona-Pitzer Invitational, where they will run their first 6K of the season. The loop is a treacherous one. Riddled with potholes and sightings of the topless water polo team, the girls are going to have to keep their wits about them in the almost-four-mile race.

Preparations for the meet have been painstaking. In addition to early morning strategy sessions with P-P running legend and coach Alicia “Kleinsasser” Freese PO ’10 and grueling workouts on Mount Baldy, the famously fierce women of P-P cross country have incorporated their own pre-meet training regimens into the already intensive exercises for which the team is known. The diverse team’s individual journeys to find the optimum balance of focus, agility, speed, and occlumency have led the Sagehens to join a series of choice extracurriculars.

Most recently, the ladies took a trip to the place made famous by Borat’s bull-ride: the Brandin’ Iron. This first-class honky-tonk in old San Bernardino was the site of a P-PWXC showdown of epic sorts. The ladies ruled the club, even if the right gear was missing from their ensembles (a few athletes were sorry to learn that flannel doesn’t count as cowboy-appropriate). From the Carrie Underwood/Usher mash-up line dance to the larger-than-life mechanical bull, P-PWXC held its own against some real professionals.

Some performances to note: Annie Lydens PO ’13 made a name for herself as the youngest—and only natural blonde, raawr!—to survive the whole ten minutes on the bull. Did I mention she is slated to be among the top runners this weekend? Meanwhile Anja “Cap’n” Hughes-Stinson PZ ’11 tore up the dance floor and left the building with no fewer than three proposals. One of them had a three-color plaque on the wall from his latest riflery tournament. Skieww!

Hot news on P-PWXC is that Shelley Chestler PO ’12 is finally back on the road to stardom, billboards, and Nike contracts. Sporting hot pink spandex and a look rivaled only by Olivia Newton-John in her “Physical” days, Miss Chestler is looking forward to her first race in two years.

“It’s going to be a tough one,” Chestler said, “but I’m hoping to channel my spirit animal to really pull me through to the end.” There’s a reason why this lady made Nationals her freshman year. On another note, word on the street is that Roxanne “Rox” Cook PZ ’13, also one of P-P’s top runners, was discovered by a talent scout during her brief but exhausting tenure as a Laker Girl. Miss Cook and her manager have gone back and forth with Taylor Swift and it’s looking like Cook will choreograph the video to next month’s T-Swift teen-queen anthem!

It’s only the beginning of the season and the ladies of P-PWXC are off to a truly stellar start, so head on down to the track Saturday morning to cheer them on. If you live on north campus or Pitzer, you might even be able to count the walk as a workout! We want a wild crew, so come loud and strong. Our only request is that you leave the cowbells at home.

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