A Love Letter to Sarah Tuggy: Goalie Sarah Tuggy writes but never gets a mention

Dear Tuggy,

Every week I read your glorious articles about the valiant conquests of Sagehens in the pool. You mesmerize me with your captivating tales of their crusades, yet each week I am left wanting more. I want to know about you, not just you the attractive, witty and cunning writer, not just you the friendly, lovable friend, but you the fierce goalie, AKA Tugalicious. You the goalie who other teams fear, you the goalie who other teams tremble at. Already you have nearly two hundred saves on the year, you are a force few can reckon with, or even dare. As a freshman you have immediately made a huge impact on this already powerful team; you bring an attitude that motivates and inspires your teammates. Your demeanor outside of the pool is calm and passive but as one of your teammates put it when you are in the pool, “Tuggy.Beast.” With each victory you selflessly credit your team, modestly leavening out your magnificent contributions, you brick wall you, but no more! Credit is due! You are one of the crucial components of this great team and you deserve to be recognized. There is no doubt that you are the best goalie in SCIACS and as one coach put it after being trounced by your team and your superb play in goal,

“She is the best division III goalie I have seen in a long time.” You will always prevail!


Your always loving and adoring (ridiculously good looking) Fans,

P.S. Remember, your skills are just as good as our looks.

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