Sagehens Earn First SCIAC Win of Year vs. Occidental

While many other sports are winding down, the Pomona-Pitzer women’s softball season is just picking up speed. Last Saturday, Mar. 6, the P-P softball team faced off against Occidental and clinched their first SCIAC victory of the season. The team’s record for the SCIAC conference so far is 1-5, with an overall record of 3-7.

The team started the day strong, scoring three runs in the first inning after a series of good hits and stolen bases. The team was able to stay ahead and went on to beat Occidental 9-1 in the first match.

Apparently, they used all of their runs early in the day because they fell in the second part of the double header 3-1.

“I think we came out really strong in the first game and hit really well. We just got over confident in the second game and stopped hitting,” said Jamie Goldberg PO ’11.

Goldberg, who went 5 for 7 at bat, reported. “We need to focus on playing well the entire day and not let down in the second game.”

True enough, the P-P team made sixteen hits in the first game, but only six hits in the subsequent one. Comparatively, Occidental made five and six hits respectively.

The solid first inning ended up winning the game for the Sagehens. Arianna Roach PI ’12 opened with a grounder to shortstop. Alexis Garcia PI ’12 and Alyssa Corley PO ’11 following the out with singles to right and left field respectively.

The base runners put pressure on the pitcher, who eventually gave a walk to fourth batter Kathryn Rabak PO ’13. The Sagehens scored their first run when Brianna Marcantoni PI ’12, batting next, was hit by pitch. With the bases loaded, this proved to be a costly error.

Morale on the P-P side was high and a solid single to left field by Goldberg (PO ’11) brought in two more runs. The inning ended with three runs to P-P.

The Sagehens remained scoreless until the bottom of the fourth inning, with doubles from Roach, Garcia and Corley. Next, Rabak, Carolyn Cross PO ’13, Marcantoni, and Goldberg roped singles.

The P-P offense ended the inning with five runs scored, bringing the tally up to 8-0 and putting the game out of reach.

Despite the momentum, the team appeared to lose steam in the second game.

Occidental’s decision to change their pitcher paid off. The calculated move threw the P-P batters off.

Meanwhile, the Occidental team fought back with aggressive base running that earned them crucial runs in the fourth and sixth inning.

A homerun by their right field in the seventh inning sealed the deal for Occidental.

Nevertheless, this first SCIAC victory will hopefully be the first of many more to come. P-P plays Menlo at noon and 2 p.m. at Pomona on Saturday, Mar. 13 and Whittier at noon and 2 p.m. at Whittier on Sunday, Mar. 14.

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