Spotlight: CJ Robertson

What can you call him? A coach? A reggae hippy? A movie star? A Renaissance man? Whether you’re in the stands watching the good-looking Sagehen coach, or passing by one of the reggae festivals on the Pitzer mounds, holler out for Assistant Coach CJ Robertson, and the multi-faceted man will turn his head.

The talented football player who spent his college career playing on the gridiron at Boston University and UNLV has found himself in a plethora of different spotlights. For instance, you can find him in the movie Confidence staring Dustin Hoffman, Edward Burns, and Rachel Weisz.

Robertson has worked in film and television as a producer and has a long history in acting. But when you try to think of what a football coach is least likely to invest his free time into, Robertson’s most beloved activity is high on the list: he played in a reggae band in 1989 called “rough em and tough em,” and continues to go to reggae fests in and around California.

Robertson thanks current Assistant Head Coach Bernard Walker for all that he has done for him, and looks to him as inspiration in his life and as someone who he admires and respects highly.

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