Regularly scheduled programming: To all the TV couples I’ve loved before

Portrait of Jim and Pam from The Office TV Show
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For as long as I have watched TV, I have been invested in the couples that make storylines interesting. 

So when Valentine’s Day rolled around last week, I started thinking about all of my favorite TV couples over the years. Compiled into a list for easy consumption, here are all of the couples I’ve loved, based on character chemistry, writing, overall storyline and wholesome factor (in no particular order).

1) Jim and Pam: “The Office”

At the top of the list, we have my all-time favorites, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. These two check all the boxes for what should make a successful TV couple: a great storyline, chemistry and plenty of cute moments. From the show’s start, their relationship arc is central to the plot. Jim and Pam are perfect for each other, but are not without their own problems and faults that the show works through in a realistic way. 

2) Fleabag and the Hot Priest: “Fleabag”

I request that “This Feeling” by Alabama Shakes is played while reading this entry. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the greatest writers right now and this storyline is no exception. Every time I think about the last scene in the second season, I have to take a moment to admire how beautiful it is. The mutual understanding between the two characters that they have to let each other go always makes me tear up. Plus, as Waller-Bridge mentioned in her Golden Globes speech, Andrew Scott (the Hot Priest) could have chemistry with a pebble. 

3) Leslie and Ben: “Parks and Recreation”

My first Michael Schur pick is going out to the nerdiest couple in Pawnee, Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. I’ve told countless people questioning “Parks and Recreation” to stick it out until Ben enters the show. Ben and Leslie are soulmates, and their story is always heartwarming to watch. 

4) Jake and Amy: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Schur really does know how to write couples; he could have a future in television, I think. Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago are an amazing example of a TV “odd couple” that changes each other for the better. Also, not to brag, but I’m pretty sure I predicted the season five Halloween Heist surprise. 

5) Rory and Logan: “Gilmore Girls”

This entry has the possibility to cause the most controversy. “Gilmore Girls” is one of my favorite shows, so I’ve used a lot of mental red string thinking about Dean, Jess and Logan as boyfriends. In the end, despite the bad boy energy, I have to conclude that Logan was the best for Rory and treated her better than Dean and Jess.

6) Veronica and Logan: “Veronica Mars”

The first (but not the last) Kristen Bell character on the list must go to Veronica Mars, coupled with Logan Echolls. I’m not sure how Logan and Veronica couldn’t make the list, with what Logan calls their “epic” story, “spanning years and continents.” They have so much chemistry I had to stop and remind myself that they are not actually real people. 

7) David and Patrick: “Schitt’s Creek”

One of the most wholesome couples on one of the most heartwarming shows, I have to mention David and Patrick from “Schitt’s Creek.” They have insane chemistry and are a great TV example of two people genuinely in love. Plus, the “Simply the Best” scenes in season four are some of my all time favorites in TV history.

8) Eleanor and Chidi: “The Good Place”

Kristen Bell no. 2 and Schur no. 4 is Eleanor and Chidi from “The Good Place.” The coupling of Eleanor and Chidi are the perfect example of an incredibly written storyline with countless beautiful, philosophical moments in which the two find each other in the most impossible circumstances, again and again.

10) Tom and Shiv: “Succession”

Tom Wambsgans and Siobhan Roy from “Succession” might not be the most heartwarming couple on this list, but they are by far the most entertaining. The power struggle between the two is always interesting to watch, as is Shiv’s wedding speech, which seems devoid of affection. Regardless of whether there is a lot of love in their relationship, their dynamic is always compelling and earns them a spot on this list. 

All of the TV couples on this list reflect realistic, loving couples who show that genuine care between characters is absolutely possible in the world of TV. They all have excellent and believable chemistry, and their storylines make them my favorite couples.

Claire DuMont SC ’23 is one of TSL’s TV columnists. She is from Manhattan Beach, California and loves her dogs, cats and talking about TV (obviously). Her current favorite show is “Succession.”

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