Presidential candidate, former Pomona student Marianne Williamson to visit 5Cs in November

Marianne Williamson, a former Pomona student and Democratic primary candidate
Presidential candidate and former Pomona College student Marianne Williamson is coming to Pomona’s campus next month. (Courtesy of Marianne Williamson)

Presidential candidate and former Pomona College student Marianne Williamson will visit Pomona College on Nov. 6 for an event hosted by TSL.

She will appear at the Rose Hills Theater from 7 to 8:30 p.m. for a 30-minute speech followed by an hour-long moderated question and answer session with a TSL reporter and others, who have yet to be announced.

Williamson said she’s excited to come back to Pomona and looking forward to visiting with students, faculty and staff.

“I went to Pomona almost 50 years ago, when the world was entirely different and also completely the same,” she said. “In those years, I wondered who I would become and today I wonder who I was.”

Williamson was a Pomona student from 1970 to 1972. She left thinking she would return to campus after a semester or two, but ultimately “life just sort of took [me] elsewhere,” Williamson told TSL in February.

After she left Pomona, she ended up in New Mexico, where she grew vegetables and lived in a geodesic dome. 

She’s now a successful author and spiritual leader, and announced her presidential bid in January.

Running for president comes from something deeper than a normal decision-making process,” she told TSL. “At a time like this … this feels to me like the best way I can serve.”

Williamson’s campaign has focused not just on policy, but also on healing spiritual and political divides in the U.S.

“My campaign for the presidency is dedicated to this search for higher wisdom,” Williamson’s campaign website says. “Its purpose is to create a new political possibility in America — where citizens awaken, our hearts and minds are uplifted and our democracy once more becomes a thing about which we can all feel proud.”

Williamson had eye-catching performances at the first two Democratic debates, which propelled her to the top of the Google search rankings after the July debate, according to USA Today. Williamson enthralled viewers with a promise to “harness love for political purposes” and a pledge that her first call as president would be to the New Zealand prime minister to say “girlfriend, you are so on.”

But she didn’t qualify for any primary debate after the first two, and has never topped one percent in Morning Consult polls. And her fundraising — $3 million in the third quarter of 2019  — puts her well behind many of her competitors, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Williamson also hasn’t picked up much support in Claremont. She claimed support from just one percent of respondents in a TSL poll of 5C students in September.

But in a Washington Post opinion piece Wednesday, in which she sharply criticized the Democratic National Committee and the 12 candidates on stage at Tuesday’s debate, Williamson said she has no plans to drop out of the race.

“After that debate Tuesday night, are you kidding?” she said.

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