After a year in the works, Pomona student releases indie-alternative EP

Boy with face covered by text that reads "True August"
Augie Savoy PO ’21 released his EP “True August” on April 26. (Courtesy: Augie Savoy)

From the assortment of guitars at the foot of his bed to the drum machine that’s taken over his entire desk, a quick glance around the dorm of Augie Savoy PO ’21 makes it obvious he likes music. On the rare occasions Savoy leaves his room, he’s perpetually glued to his headphones, which are usually slung around his neck when not in use.

Savoy, a media studies and politics double major, released his EP “True August” April 26. Despite coming from a family of musicians — his father is the guitarist for the Norwegian band A-ha — the 19-year-old never expected to release his own music.

“I have had half of the songs since high school,” Savoy said of his EP. “I had no intention of ever putting out music until this summer when one of my friends suggested I release it.”

Although the decision to release the music was fairly spontaneous, the production process was much more involved, spanning over the course of a year and occuring in a variety of locations, including Savoy’s dorm.  Each track went through four demo versions before Savoy was satisfied, and the resulting EP is a mish-mash of genres from 70s soundscapes to shoegaze with electronic elements.

The EP is classified as indie-alternative on Spotify, but Savoy said each song can be described through its own genre convention.

Based on Spotify streaming numbers, the EP’s most popular song is the indie-pop track “I Can See You Clearly,” which was written during Savoy’s sophomore year of high school and produced this past year. With a clear arc comprised of a verse, bridge and chorus, the song has the most conventional musical structure of all the EP’s tracks.

For most of the EP, Savoy decided to flip the contemporary convention of loud vocals and opted for loud production instead. “I Can See You Clearly” is the only track with traditionally loud vocals.

Singing is new for Savoy, who performed all the EP’s vocals himself.

“I like when people who wrote the songs sing the songs, too,” he said. “The way the lyrics come out can change so much when someone else sings it.”

“True August,” which has been out for about a month, currently has over 15,000 plays on Spotify and a raving review from Norwegian music critic Eivind August Westad Stuen. Savoy plans to release more music in September.

“I’m really excited about the second EP and experimenting with different genres,” Savoy said.

In the meantime, interested readers can stream “True August” here.

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