Student sexually assaulted on Pomona track, Camp Sec says ‘on-going threat’

Pomona's blue Strehle running track is surrounded by grass and trees.
A sexual assault allegedly occurred at Pomona College’s Strehle Track midday Thursday. (Courtesy: P-P Athletics)

CW: descriptions of sexual assault

A student was allegedly sexually assaulted by an unknown individual at around noon Thursday on Pomona College’s Strehle Track. Campus Safety said the incident “is believed to pose an on-going threat to the Claremont Colleges” in a message to students Thursday.

The assailant allegedly approached a student on the track, told them they had a spider on their backside and began brushing the student’s clothing, before pulling the student’s pants down and groping the student, according to the Campus Safety message. The assailant then fled on foot heading west.

Campus Safety described the assailant as a male in his 20s who is 5’9”, weighs 160 pounds, wearing tan pants, a red plaid shirt and black and white tennis shoes, carrying a large dark backpack and a small white drone.

The message encouraged anyone with information to contact Campus Safety at 909-607-2000.

Survivors of sexual assault can contact their schools’ Title IX offices and advocates programs for support and resources, as well as Project Sister Family Services at 909-626-4357 and the EmPOWER center at 909-607-0690. Counseling services are available at Monsour Counseling and Psychological services at 909-607-2000.

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