Pomona faculty to re-vote Friday on struck down A/no record/incomplete policy

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Pomona’s faculty will re-vote on an A/no record pandemic/incomplete policy they initially voted down on Wednesday. (Courtesy of Pomona College)

The Pomona College faculty will re-vote on a grading policy amendment they previously struck down Wednesday due to “difficulty with the electronic voting process,” Pomona President G. Gabrielle Starr announced to faculty via email late Wednesday afternoon.

The re-vote for an A/“no record pandemic”/incomplete grading amendment will take place at a faculty meeting at 4 p.m. Friday, Starr said in the email. 

The faculty will also consider other grading policies Friday, including the originally-proposed P/NRP/I grading policy, a universal pass policy and an amended P/NRP/I policy, where students can opt to receive letter grades, according to a professor who attended Wednesday’s meeting. 

“This is deserving of careful process,” Starr said in her email. “We are endeavoring to get it done right, albeit with the challenge of online meeting and voting.”

At a faculty meeting Wednesday, faculty were set to vote on the proposed P/NRP/I policy for spring 2020. However, an amendment to the motion, which instead proposed an A/no record/incomplete policy, was added before the faculty could vote on the original proposal. The amendment was struck down, but will now be voted on again Friday.

For students anxiously waiting for a grading decision, the re-vote marks another delay. According to deliberations at previous faculty meetings, faculty planned to formally adopt a policy Wednesday at the latest, but pushed the decision to Friday after technical difficulties hindered discussion and the meeting adjourned after only the A/no record/incomplete amendment was discussed.

Three of the other 5Cs and many peer institutions across the country have already announced their grading plans. 

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