Pitzer to let students spread 4-course spring semester into summer 2021

A photo of palm trees in front of a building with a blue sky. An orange sign in the corner says "Pitzer College."
Pitzer is offering an optional “3+1” enrollment option for spring 2021, dean of faculty Allen Omoto announced in an email Tuesday. (Hank Snowdon • The Student Life)

Pitzer College is making moves to alleviate student burnout. The fastest way? To lessen the amount of classes students take in a single semester, administrators said. 

Pitzer is offering an optional “3+1” enrollment pathway for the spring 2021 semester, allowing students to take three courses in spring 2021 and one course in summer 2021 at regular spring tuition rates, dean of faculty Allen Omoto announced in an email Tuesday. 

The enrollment option counts as a full course load and will not alter spring financial aid packages. 

Some restrictions apply — students who opt for a 3+1 schedule may not take Independent Study for their summer course. Additionally, seniors on a 3+1 schedule will not be able to graduate until they have fulfilled all of their major and minor requirements. 

Pitzer’s summer session is set to run from May 24 to July 2 and course options will be available mid-January. Students must choose if they wish to pursue the 3+1 enrollment option by Feb. 5.

So far, Pitzer is the only Claremont College to offer an alternate enrollment plan.  

The college will not be offering any other full time enrollment options apart from the 3+1 plan and the traditional four class spring course load. Pitzer will release more information about 3+1 enrollment and summer school some time in January, Omoto said. 

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