Do good while having a good time: Party With A Purpose’s carnival to support Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

5C Party With A Purpose’s annual fundraiser is to support Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. (Courtesy: Debster88/Wikimedia Commons)

It’s common knowledge: Don’t spend more on carnival game tickets than that prized teddy bear would cost. On Friday, though, students should ignore this advice.

From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., 5C Party With A Purpose (PWAP) will hold their second annual fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA). The carnival, held on Pomona College’s Walker Beach, will be complete with food, games, music, prizes and even a mechanical bull. 

PWAP is a 5C club that partners with the Children’s Miracle Network to raise funds for local children’s hospitals and raise awareness about disparities in children’s healthcare. Throughout the year, PWAP has held many different events on 5C campuses to raise money for the cause, from poker nights to bake sales at sporting events. Members of the organization also conduct more individual fundraisers, such as hosting surf lessons or running 5-kilometer races in the name of helping the children at the CHLA. 

Recognizing a lack of philanthropy-focused clubs at the 5Cs, PWAP hopes to encourage other clubs to support a cause while bolstering their own. 

“In Claremont, philanthropy isn’t the biggest focus for clubs in general,” PWAP Executive Director Sathya Siddapureddy PO ’24 said. “So we’re hoping to build that [awareness], not just for CHLA, but just in general for any other clubs that are trying to do work like [we do].”

Friday’s carnival will be PWAP’s largest event yet this year, serving as a commemoration of the club’s successful fundraising to date.

“We’re celebrating the year of fundraising, and we’re also making it a fundraising event itself,” Siddapureddy said. 

The money raised at the event will go towards surgeries and hospital stays for families who may not be able to afford it otherwise. CHLA is a “safety net” hospital, meaning that it does not turn down patients based on financial or immigration status. To help connect the event to the cause, while the festivities go on, junior ambassadors from CHLA will speak about their experiences receiving treatment at the hospital and benefitting from the Miracle Network in the past. 

“I’m really excited to see our junior ambassadors speak, having been working with them, in real life and not over Zoom,” Kaitlyn O’Connor PZ ’25, PWAP’s hospital liaison, said. 

O’Connor and David Gorman PO ’24, PWAP’s external director, will also speak during the event to further inform attendees of the cause and encourage donations. 

In addition to carnival-based attractions, the event’s lineup features a variety of student performers, including the Dance Team, musical groups the After School Specials and Josie on the Rocks and a handful of individual performers as well. 

Game booths at the event will accept both cash and Venmo payment to make the donation process easy and accessible for those willing to try their hand at the carnival activities. Other attractions include food stands — some free and some available by donation — and there will be no entry fee for the event. 

PWAP has already raised just under $10,000 this year through its variety of events and programming; they hope to hit the $15,000 mark after Friday with the draw of a large carnival complete with all kinds of amusements. 

“I think [making the fundraisers fun] is the goal, just get that positive attitude around our club,” Gorman said. “Because after the pandemic, it was a restart. And so we’re just trying to build a brand on campus, and this is the first stepping stone to try and grow for the near future.” 

Following PWAP’s success in raising money this year, the organization hopes to also focus more on raising awareness of the CHLA and their work in the future. They look to the carnival as a step in the right direction. 

“We can do a better job of integrating that awareness building,” Siddapureddy said. “And I think the great thing about this main event is we’ll have junior ambassadors … willing and happy to share [their experiences] with everybody. It will be a great opportunity to help build that cause-connection aspect.”

The carnival allows attendees to have a good time while doing good.

“It should be really fun, and you [would be] helping out patients and families at the Children’s Hospital,” Siddapureddy said, “so it’s a win-win situation.”

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