Letter: Workers’ Support Committee States Aims and Purpose

Dear Editor,

We’re pleased to see the recent coverage of issues concerning staff in TSL. As an organization we hope to promote critical dialogue on these issues. Because of the attention surrounding recent Workers’ Support Committee actions, we want to clarify our purpose to the Pomona community.

The phrase “faculty, students, and staff” is often used to describe this community. However, staff do not enjoy many of the same privileges and powers given to faculty, students, and administrators. If the College is to realize the ideal of which it always speaks, this must change.

As students, we only know our experiences as students and thus we cannot and should not speak for staff. We can, however, demand that they be heard. This is the first and most essential step to addressing the structural problems that continue to silence staff. Workers’ Support Committee aims to create the collective will needed to begin this process.

To this end, we also hope to create more spaces on campus for students and staff to interact as peers, free of their narrowly defined roles on campus. Our community extends beyond the classroom to the staff members who take care of our most fundamental needs. Their care is unique and indispensable and requires our respect and gratitude.

We imagine a Pomona in which all voices are valued equally. One in which staff feel comfortable speaking freely and have the power to ensure they are heard. If we work together we can create this community.

In solidarity,Nick Gerber PO ’10Sam Gordon PO ’11Julie Juarez PO ’12

Writing on Behalf of Workers’ Support Committee

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