Campus Dialog About Charged Issues Should Center on Informed Debate and Research

Judging by the significant turnout at the Stand with Staff rally on Oct. 9, members of the student body have undoubtedly been energized to act on the issue of workers’ rights. With emotions running high, however, it is absolutely critical that students maintain productive discourse that works toward greater transparency and concrete goals.

Slogans and sign-waving may be effective for drumming up support for the cause, but it does little in the way of producing meaningful change. The best way to make a tangible difference is to expose the ills of the system to those who have control over it–and to do that effectively, we must rely on unfiltered facts.

Hyperbolic language and conjecture are easily employed and just as easily dismissed. Hard fact, collected carefully and free of bias, is much harder to brush off and ignore.

The Student Life seeks to provide a conduit for responsible and serious discourse. This week, we will address workers’ issues, in the hopes of fostering a well-informed discussion on campus. With the facts in mind, the college will be able to take rational action.

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