Corrections: October 9

The Headline for a story on Professor John Seery on page one said the award that Seery received was the Sidney Hodke memeorial award. The award is in fact the Sidney Hook memorial award, as the article correctly states. This error was made in the photo caption below as well.

The article on the Budget in the Sep. 25 issue said that the cuts to the student wage budget amounted to a 6 percent decrease in student wage funding. The cuts actually amounted to a 16 percent decrease in student wage funding.

An article on the DREAM Act on page one claimed that there were undocumented immigrants marching with the protestors. The reporter did not have any direct knowledge of the immigration status of any protestors. The article also said that Becca Russell-Einhorn set up a table during the first week of the academic year to spread awareness about the DREAM Act. In fact, the entire DREAM Act Coalition, formed initially by Russell-Einhorn, set up the table during the national day of action on Sep. 23. The article misspelled Russell-Einhorn’s last name in the last paragraph of the article.The Student Life regrets these errors.


An article on the DREAM Act referred to the PSU immigration debate as having taken place one year ago. The event took place in the spring of 2008, which is two academic years previous, but one calendar year. The same article mentioned that the DREAM Act would provide a new way for minors to be naturalized. It should be noted that undocumented minors cannot be naturalized in any way at the current time. The article mentioned that the rally was in conjunction with other events across southern California. The event was held in conjunction with the national day of action, during which many events occurred across southern California.

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