A New Semester, A New TSL

Dear Readers,

We have begun a new year, and so opportunity on campus once again presents itself. I hope that you will find that this year’s paper continues to be a vibrant forum for campus dialogue, an interesting exchange of ideas, and above all, a reliable source of information. As usual, The Student Life is changing. The editorial staff of The Student Life constantly works to make the paper a better publication. This semester, we are working harder than ever to change the paper to better suit your needs.

This semester is one of initiative. We will be working hard to change the way in which the campus community and the paper interact. Not all of our changes will be readily apparent. We aim to shift our position with respect to you, our readers, throughout the semester. We want to work hard to understand what you want to see in the paper, where you think the paper should go, and what we can do to make the paper better. Over the course of the semester we will solicit your opinion in various forms. We will be surveying the student body to discover what you like and dislike about our newspaper. However, we realize that not all of your concerns, suggestions and comments will fit into a single survey.

We have made a commitment to hold office hours this year. Although we are hard at work most Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, we rarely get visitors to the office. This semester, we will be open and available in the office from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays as well as from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I encourage you to drop by with your questions, concerns and ideas during those times. We will try our best to ensure that we can answer your questions then and there.

We will also try to improve our rapport with other campus organizations. It would be impossible for us to gather the news without the help of the many other organizations and groups on campus which make the news. This semester we want to continue to build on those relationships, and to help campus groups and organizations understand the way in which we operate. We understand the frustration that some organizations might have with the paper since we do not publish press releases for most events, and instead require reporters to attend and write objectively. This does not mean that you are shut out of our news section. There are many other ways to have your wishes and ideas heard in our pages. Part of our mission this semester is to help you understand the ways in which we can assist you.

Finally, we will be rejoining the Web. We have a brand new Web site at tsl.pomona.edu which we are launching in coordination with this issue of the paper. We hope that the dynamic nature of the content that we provide online will make the site an interesting forum for discussion. In that vein, we will not only be soliciting opinions for the Web site to ensure that we get a wide range of views, but we will also be allowing our readers to comment and interact with the stories that they read. Commenting will provide a wonderful new way to interact with the content that we produce throughout the semester.

We at The Student Life hope that you will enjoy the paper this semester, that we will be an informative and interesting source of dialogue, and that we can continue to improve on the esteemed history of this publication.


The Editorial Board

Alexander Rudy


Rebecca Golden

Travis Kaya

Managing Editors

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