Letter: An Open Letter to Mufti

While I personally appreciate the wit and humor (and trying to figure out some of the esoterica), I am very concerned about two aspects of your program. The first is the damage done to our buildings. There is not a building on campus that hasn’t been scarred with the figure-eight glue marking that is the remnant of your late-night visits. This totally unnecessary damage could be stopped immediately. While the damage to existing buildings cannot be undone, there is hope that the newly planned buildings, like the two new residence halls and the parking garage, and all future construction, could be spared.

The second, and more serious concern, is the amount of work created for our housekeeping and grounds workers. Your “enlightenment” causes them hundreds of hours of extra work, scraping with razors, to remove the detritus. To watch them, early in the morning following each one of your forays, on ladders or on hands and knees, scraping, is heart-breaking.

The good news is that there is a solution! I can provide a glue which will hold the Mufti in place and yet not damage the building. In this way your messages might stay up a little longer, and when removed, staff time will be reduced and damage eliminated. Please contact me directly or via an email address of your choosing to ngerard@pomona.edu and I will respond.

Out of feelings for our staff and our buildings, I hope that you will respond.


Neil Gerard

Director, Smith Campus Center

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