Bringing The News To You In 2018

This past Saturday, TSL’s editorial board traipsed down to Laemmle Theatre in the Village to get inspired by watching “The Post,” which dramatically retells the story of the Pentagon Papers — military documents leaked to newspapers during Nixon’s presidency that revealed top secret information about the Vietnam War.

The movie did not disappoint: Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks captivated us with their gut-wrenching, potentially world-altering decisions about whether to print government secrets, and we left the theater feeling journalistically energized.

Of course, as reporters and editors of a student newspaper at a time when journalists are constantly questioned, criticized, and derided as “fake news,” a clash with the government over the First Amendment is right up our alley. With the new semester well underway, the movie’s message reaffirmed our commitment to TSL’s missions: to tell the truth, empower students, hold administrations accountable, and give voice to the voiceless.

We’re also constantly seeking to improve our newspaper and increase access to the stories that our hardworking staffers write each week. Claremont students are avid readers of the print edition of TSL, and we’ve listened to their suggestions. We’ll be working to identify more locations to distribute our weekly paper around all 5Cs and have hired a full business team to assist with increasing our readership.

In this increasingly digital era, we’ve struggled to keep up online over the last few years. It’s time for that to change. We’re renovating our website, so bid farewell to the quaint — and archaic — homepage of Look for our new and improved site to launch in a few weeks, with an improved submissions page for anonymous tips and letters to the editor, for non-TSL members.

Watch also for weekly highlights to be delivered straight to your inbox in the near future — TSL's newsletter will provide the top hits and need-to-know news, so you don’t have to click through our website if you’re in a rush. Similarly, we plan to push our stories out via social media more actively, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Simply put, you don’t have to come to us — we’ll come to you and keep you informed about your community.

Those are some of our ideas, but they’re by no means the limit on what’s possible this semester. So we want to hear from you, loyal TSL readers. What changes do you want to see? What do you want us to cover? How can we best get the news of the day to you in a convenient way? We, as journalists, are here to serve.

Meghan Joyce SC '20

Ariel So SC '20

Kellen Browning PO '20

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