March 27 Corrections

The Student Life’s front-page article on Mar. 27 about Pomona College’s accreditation process did not attribute all of the staff involved in reporting for the article. Janet Ma contributed reporting.

A photograph, which accompanied a page-three article on Mar. 27 about fellowships and scholarships, did not include a credit. Robert Acklen took the photo.

A photo of eco-friendly dorms at Pitzer on page seven of the Mar. 27 issue misidentified the photographer who took the photo. It was Reid Ulrich, not Robert Acklen.

The Senate Briefs published in the news section of the Mar. 27 issue did not mention that ASPC senator Tammy Zhu PO ’10 was raising another student’s question, not her own, when she queried ASPC President Eliza Finley PO ’09 about whether adding loans to financial aid packages would be considered by Pomona.

The Student Life regrets these errors.

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