Why We Print

For the last two semesters, TSL has struggled to accrue sufficient funding to print on a weekly basis—without funding from outside sources. 

Since TSL shifted from a Pomona-only staff covering Pomona-only news to a 5C news source in the mid-2000s, we have made a concerted effort to expand our coverage across the consortium and diversify our staff. In the past three years, we've had first-ever editors-in-chief from Scripps, Claremont McKenna, and Pitzer, and our staff makeup is now composed of roughly 50 percent non-Pomona students.

However, the funding we receive does not reflect our staff makeup and the current distribution of our coverage. With TSL’s previous history as a Pomona publication, the other student governments have been reluctant to provide proportional funding for the paper, and the Associated Students of Pomona College continues to disproportionately shoulder the burden of funding TSL.

This school year, TSL’s total production budget decreased significantly, forcing us to scramble for funding in order to continue printing on a weekly basis.

Thanks to a generous donation from a parent and supporter of TSL, we will print weekly this spring, but we hope to develop a more sustainable funding solution going forward. TSL is first and foremost a news organization and a journalism program for 5C students—the only one offered, at that. For many 5C students interested in pursuing journalism as a career, TSL is the best way to gain hands-on experience.

Additionally, through the regiment of a weekly printing schedule instills a sense of deadline and collaboration to our staff members—two real-world skills needed in a modern workplace. TSL not only attracts students interested in journalism, but also those interested in phorotgraphy, graphic design, illustration, and copy editing. The growing concerns around funding detract from the service we provide, making it more difficult for us to be a dependent resource to our campus community.

For these reasons, we hope to receive more financial and institutional support from the Claremont Colleges during the next round of budgetary hearings in the spring. Readers can support TSL’s print edition by ordering a print subscription (see our website for more information), and we welcome ideas and feedback from the community on sustainable practice and how we can improve as a publication.

We are committed both to maintaining our long-standing identity as a print publication and continuing to expand our online presence. This semester, we began publishing exclusive online content on a rolling basis, even producing our first video package. We hope to build off of the progress we’ve made. 

Finally, as always, we aim to improve the quality of our content and the diversity of our coverage, with the goal of informing our readers about events and dialogues on campus. Despite our funding challenges, we look forward to another semester of engaging with our readers, staff, and other community members.

Have a great break, everyone. 

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