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Welcome back, everyone! Another year in Claremont, another promising incoming class. We at TSL are so excited to be back on campus, and we've taken the summer to reflect on last year's coverage, the service that we provide to our community, and the ways in which we can improve. As always, we are a publication dedicated to fair, unbiased reporting across the 5Cs. This year, we are putting a particular emphasis on our newly established web team in order to roll out breaking news articles to you as events occur, and revamping TSL to be more technologically saavy. After running into some budgetary setbacks last semester, we are now printing fewer issues, which offers an opportunity to focus on our online content and digital platform. 

We hope that this effort helps unify our community in a different way than it has before, promoting productive dialogue and increased collaboration between the colleges online and off. That being said, we remain loyal to our print identity, which we feel is integral to who we are as a paper. With no journalism major on campus, TSL is an educational opportunity for those of us interested in media making and storytelling. The paper teaches us how to work under pressure, gives our community something to look forward to on Fridays, and provides a sense of media personality, cohesion, and responsibility on campus. By exploring both traditional and more innovative avenues of communication, we hope to facilitate an open line of discussion amongst the student bodies. This is as much your paper as it is ours. 

Our number one priority is the newspaper's content. Given the immense national coverage of on-campus demonstrations last year, it's easy to see how stories can be misreported and misrepresented, but we hope that our newspaper is a resource for students to voice different perspectives and engage with ideas. We always welcome feedback from our readers about how we can improve our coverage, so please let us know if you have ideas or concerns you want to share with us. Here's to a great semester! 

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