Submit Op-Eds Early and Often

This week, TSL received two letters to the editor and ten guest op-ed submissions. While we haven’t officially checked the record books, it is extremely rare for us to receive so many submissions in one week. Due to design constraints, we unfortunately could not publish all of the submitted articles, but we implore our readers to read them all on our website,

Within the next five pages, you can find op-eds discussing everything from eugenics to Game of Thrones to Bernie Sanders. The wide diversity of topics illustrates thr collective intelligence acros our campuses. Our fellow students have much to say, and we are more than happy to welcome their written thoughts. We opted to print as many pieces as we could because we wanted to highlight the diverse, often thought-provoking views of our peers and provide a forum for as many voices as possible.

However, we would be lying if we didn’t say how stressful it can be to manage so many submissions on a tight timeline. To help remedy this problem in future semesters, we hope that students will begin submitting more op-eds earlier in the semester, rather than saving them all for our last issue. As this week's issue demonstrates our Opinions section is a space where students can sound off on the issues they care about–whether those issues are related to culture, politics, campus events, or something else entirely. Going forward, we hope that students and community members will continue to think of TSL as a place where they can voice their opinions, share their thoughts with peers, and draw attention to important causes.

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