Can Boys Stop Being Shady?

Last week, when campus safety implored us to “keep our campuses safer” by being more vigilant about the source of our drinks, an idea popped into my head: How about boys stop putting roofies and drugs in drinks?

Not even in ho-hum Claremont are we safe from predators–though I’m sure we all knew that a long time ago. When I came to the Claremont Colleges, I thought I would be surrounded, advocated for, and protected by liberal and progressive professors and officers. For the most part, the staff I have encountered here fulfill this notion; unfortunately, this email sends us eons back and seals the victim-blaming mentality. B.Y.O.B. from here on out, people, because if you wake up naked on Green Beach, it was the result of you naively taking a cup of Jungle Juice, tsk tsk.

Congratulations, criminals, on sinking to the lowest levels of human scum by lying through your teeth and physically endangering innocent victims. What if someone had died? Would your little prank still hold its caché? Putting people at risk of a potentially fatal reaction or possible overdose is unacceptable. It is illegal and immoral though I doubt your moral threshold sits high.

This incident speaks to on-campus rape and party culture at large. Far too many women on these campuses, and on campuses across the nation, have been victims of nonconsensual sex at the hands of their male peers. And for these boys, these women are often just another notch on their bedposts. This series of allegations should spark a greater conversation: Perhaps CMC (and the other colleges, at that) should implement a general course about right versus wrong because clearly we need to dumb it down to that level. Lacing drinks with roofies isn’t just against the 'code of conduct,' it's also against the law.

I believe that everyone should be able to exercise their rights to drink alcohol and do recreational drugs. But drugging people, even your friends, is not funny. Maybe in your wannabe-frat brains, roofying is considered an accolade. But it’s not. It’s pathetic. It’s illegal. It’s immoral. If your intentions are to sleep with girls while their memories pull Houdinis, I am here to tell you that it would be a lot easier to not be scumbags and ask someone on a date. Your success rate will likely be a lot higher, and—get this—it wouldn’t be rape.

I hope you are caught and I hope you realize the magnitude of the situation. I am disgusted to share campuses, libraries, and dining halls with you, and if these allegations are true, frankly, I want you off of them.

Meg Zukin PZ '17 is originally from the Silicon Valley, majors in Media Studies and minors in nothing.

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