Old Dog, New Tricks: Welcome Back

To our returning readers, welcome back. To new readers: we’re not sure what brings you to our pages, but we hope that you find something inside to hold your attention. To all: thank you for picking up a copy of TSL’s first issue.

While there is already a great deal of news to report, we’d like to use this particular space to share some news of our own.

First, a birthday: This year marks the 125th anniversary of our paper. If we, the Editorial Board, had realized this fact before Thursday night, we would have made a bigger deal about it—but no matter. We’re older than you are, and we’re not slowing down.

This leads us to our second announcement: In the spirit of growth and change, this semester marks the induction of the first non-Pomona editor-in-chief of TSL, as well as the first time that Pomona actually represents a minority of our Editorial Board. Three members, three colleges—no longer do Sagehens rule the coop here. With one representative each from Claremont McKenna College, Scripps College and Pomona, this is TSL’s most 5C-inclusive leadership team in history.

Our section editors, too, are from beyond Pomona’s grassy boundaries. Pitzer College, Scripps, CMC—the group that we’ve assembled is significantly closer to a representative sample of the consortium than it’s ever been before.

Reader, you may well ask: Why are we so excited about hiring a few more 5C students? Why did we decide to reshape ourselves as a 5C publication after decades spent happily filling our pages with Pomona-centric reporting?

We believe it’s no longer possible to understand one of our respective institutions unless we can comprehend it within our whole consortium. Our schools, for all their individual merits, exist in a unique collective that informs and shapes all of our experiences. That’s something our community often, and rightly, celebrates, and for many of us it was motivation for entering. But for too long, this diversity was something that TSL acknowledged inadequately.

Now, we hope that we’re doing a better job of providing students across the consortium with the most accurate, neutral and comprehensive coverage of the decisions, personalities and events that will impact their lives. But we know we aren’t perfect. That’s why, reader, we need your help.

Our goal is to establish a free-flowing exchange of information and ideas, and to make as many voices heard as possible. We hope that you’ll help us inform each other, by talking honestly, frankly and respectfully with our reporters and editors.

Submit a piece to our Opinions section, or write a letter to the editor. Our staff is more diverse than ever, but insignificant compared to the immense diversity of perspectives and understandings that exists in this community.

We welcome your feedback. We’ve been doing this journalism gig for a long time, but we’ll never allow ourselves to fall into complacency—we know there’s more to be done. We hope you’ll keep reading, keep commenting at tsl.pomona.edu and keep inspiring us to stay up late and push the envelope after 125 years.

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