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TSL‘s Opinions_x000D_
section has dedicated its space this semester to a variety of topics_x000D_
germane to the Claremont Colleges community, reaching out to students,_x000D_
faculty, and other community members around campus who might not_x000D_
normally write for TSL to offer their relevant insights on topics such as environmentalism and access to education. We_x000D_
also published more columns in the Life & Style section this semester than we_x000D_
have in the past, covering a wider variety of topics and_x000D_
featuring more student voices, including those of international students and first-years from across the 5Cs. Our news section has been more devoted_x000D_
than ever to reporting on the entire consortium, running weekly_x000D_
student Senate Briefs for all 5Cs for the first time and covering news from all of the schools. 

We have made_x000D_
these changes to better cover all the news at the 5Cs, but_x000D_
also to better represent the community and to ensure more coverage of the variety of voices on campus. But we know these changes are small in the bigger picture. While they are positive_x000D_
steps towards a truer representation of the 5Cs in TSL‘s pages, we recognize that we_x000D_
still do not do a good enough job of presenting everyone’s_x000D_
interests or ideas. 

Pomona College students still comprise over half of our_x000D_
staff, and there are certainly people—whether due to political_x000D_
beliefs, identification with a marginalized group on campus, or a belief that our_x000D_
reporting on a given topic is unfair—who believe that their voice is not represented, or worse, that we are not interested_x000D_
in hearing it. Our Opinions editor spent time reaching out to members from all corners of the campuses and our writers covered events across the 5Cs, but we_x000D_
know it is far too soon to pat ourselves on the back and call the job_x000D_


This will be the last issue of_x000D_
TSL this semester, and_x000D_
a new editorial staff will be in charge of the newspaper next semester. We urge next year’s editors to keep pushing_x000D_
forward in this endeavor, and we have confidence that they will build on our efforts to reach a wider audience. Largely,_x000D_
the new editorial staff will be people currently involved in the paper who already share_x000D_
these goals. 

So we are calling out to all the 5C community members_x000D_
who do not feel represented in the newspaper, those who feel we do_x000D_
not fairly cover—if we cover at all—issues that are important to_x000D_
them. We take full responsibility for the layout and content of TSL each week, but we cannot make positive changes without your input. We can only fix the problems we know we have. If you take issue with our News_x000D_
section’s reporting on a subject, or if you feel our Opinions section_x000D_
fails to give a comprehensive treatment to a complex issue, then tell_x000D_
us. Help the paper grow by offering your view, so that instead of leaving_x000D_
out important perspectives we can be a forum for all people in_x000D_
the consortium. 

As the largest publication at the 5Cs, it is_x000D_
particularly important for us to do everything in our power to_x000D_
accurately and fully represent the community without marginalizing any individual or group. Despite the 5Cs being a_x000D_
relatively small, insular place, there is a wildly diverse set of_x000D_
religious beliefs, social concerns, and so on present here. We know_x000D_
everyone’s viewpoints are not presented in TSL,_x000D_
and it might be overly ambitious to assume they ever could be. But we_x000D_
still need to make our best effort, and we could use your help.


Our editors will continue to_x000D_
work toward this goal next semester and in the future, and if you think you could add to the_x000D_
conversation, reach out to TSL_x000D_
to help advance the discussion. 

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