Looking Back, Looking Forward

After many late_x000D_
nights and too many staff meetings, we’ve reached our final issue of the_x000D_
semester. If you’ll pardon the self-indulgence, we’d like to take a look back_x000D_
at the semester. In our first issue, we promised we’d deliver greater coverage_x000D_
of all the Claremont Colleges and spread investigative reporting throughout our_x000D_
paper. We think that we’ve made significant progress on both of these fronts,_x000D_
but we also know that one of the reasons we’ve been able to succeed this_x000D_
semester is the cooperation of our community members. So don’t think we’re_x000D_
simply looking backward—we want to keep improving, and we know we can’t do it_x000D_
without you.

As promised, we’ve_x000D_
devoted more of our resources and our pages to the entire consortium than ever_x000D_
before. The days of TSL reporting_x000D_
only on Pomona College for Pomona College are over. This semester, we’ve run front-page articles on every one of the undergraduate Claremont Colleges. We’ve_x000D_
given equal space and attention to Claremont-Mudd-Scripps sports, too. And while we hope we’ve_x000D_
made our commitment to 5C coverage very visible, those of you who are_x000D_
unconvinced are welcome to take a look into our office: Next semester, for the_x000D_
first time, TSL’s editor-in-chief_x000D_
will be a Claremont McKenna College student. (Congratulations to Caroline Bowman!)

Meanwhile, we’ve_x000D_
also incorporated the techniques of investigative reporting and writing into_x000D_
more of our stories than we have in the past to provide more thorough and engaging_x000D_
articles that seek the truth. The most prominent among those articles have been those in which our_x000D_
reporters examined sexual assault reporting policies and mental health services—but_x000D_
none of our investigations would have been possible without the willingness of_x000D_
students, faculty, staff, and community members to speak up. To all who agreed_x000D_
to grant us interviews on these sensitive topics, we offer our most sincere_x000D_

And we’d like to_x000D_
extend that gratitude to the individuals who shared their stories in our_x000D_
Opinions section as well. We recognize the bravery that publishing personal_x000D_
narratives and heartfelt calls to action can require, and we are honored that_x000D_
we’ve been able to provide a platform for these voices. We hope that in the_x000D_
future, we can continue to be a welcoming place for all members of the_x000D_
Claremont community to make their voices heard.


Although we do_x000D_
make mistakes, we are always striving to provide the most comprehensive,_x000D_
accurate, and impartial coverage of the place that we collectively call home._x000D_
We can’t do that without the help of the whole community, and we hope that when_x000D_
TSL returns in the fall, we can count_x000D_
on your cooperation. Your voices make this newspaper what it is, and we urge_x000D_
you to speak up any time you feel that we aren’t getting it right. As we stated_x000D_
three months ago: We are—and will always be—ready to listen. Email editor@tsl.pomona.edu to be heard.

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