Welcome Back from ASPC

Hello Sagehens! Greetings from your student body representatives. We have great plans in store for this year; we would like to share our vision with you. Hopefully, our sharing encourages you to hold us accountable.

This year, we hope to make considerable progress toward bringing a wellness dispensary machine to campus. This machine will dispense essential wellness products: aspirin, condoms, Plan B, and lube. We face considerable bureaucratic hurdles in achieving this goal, so please be patient.

We would like you to actively keep us accountable while we try to bring greater levels of transparency to Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC). Our initiatives to this end entail an ASPC Livestream Channel (think CSPAN for ASPC), a revamped web presence, and periodic newsletters. Like any mode of communication, success requires active participants. If we as a community are to achieve a higher degree of transparency, we will need engagement from all—representatives and constituents alike. 

Be well,


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