Letter to the Editor

Dear Editors:

I am writing regarding the April 19 TSL article on housing policies at Pitzer. Thank you for covering this important and timely issue. I would like to provide clarification and elaborate on two topics referenced in the article.

Despite the title of the article, “New Pitzer Housing Policy,” Pitzer has not instituted any new housing policies. During my 12 years as the Vice President for Student Affairs at Pitzer, all first, second, and third-year students have always been required to live on campus. What has changed recently is the availability of beds on campus as a result of the completion of East and West Halls last fall. Prior to this, many returning students were granted permission to live off campus regardless of class year, primarily because the supply of on-campus housing was not able to meet the demand. In the recent Room Draw process held at Pitzer, 75 percent of students who applied to live off campus received approval, including all rising seniors, students that currently live off campus, and students with documented medical conditions that cannot be accommodated on campus.

I would also like to comment on the statement that “students are forbidden from recycling alcohol bottles in the residence halls.” This is untrue as there has been no change to the recycling policy at the College. In fact, my office has been at the forefront of campus sustainability efforts for more than 10 years. Student Affairs helped develop and continuously improve the College’s recycling program since its inception. And, Student Affairs created the structure and provided resources for the Mead Hall Redemption program, whereby students collect empty bottles of all types—including alcohol bottles—that are then redeemed, with all funds going to the residents for social functions and other activities.

Thank you for allowing me to inform your readers about these issues. As always, my office welcomes and encourages Pitzer student involvement in discussions about housing, college policies, and campus life in general.


Jim Marchant

Vice President for Student Affairs, Pitzer College

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