Letter: The Real Sagecock of the Week


Last week’s Sagecock of the Week selection strikes me as unfounded and quite possibly evil. Quarterback Peter Ianelli PO ’15 threw for modest numbers—nine of 19 passes completed, 98 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions—in an undramatic loss to an opponent the Hens very nearly defeated last year. One might argue that touchdowns are touchdowns, and he deserves many huzzahs for two, but the fourth-quarter, assured-of-victory Lewis and Clark defense against which he scored was surely a looser unit than the starting 11.

As a disgraced one-time The Student Life sports editor, I know something of the politics behind these choices and the inflated meaning they are ascribed. Perhaps stud wideout Yoshi Rothman PO ’13 was mentioned by the selection committee, yet passed over due to several previous honors. No individual can be deemed the greatest week after week, lest readers become irritated by the repetition. This is still no excuse for an indefensible alternative. 

The only honorable choice would have been cross country runner Benjamin Girodias PO ’15. Known by his fans as “Suicide” for forcing his ectomorphic body to its absolute boundaries, Girodias posted the fourth-fastest September time in program history: 25:26 over eight kilometers. Two of the All-American men ahead of him competed in the U.S. Olympic trials this past year. Believe it or not, they are Pomona alumni and were paid real money by shoe corporations to run great distances in meager minutes and hours in front of clapping supporters. Girodias might very well join them if he ever grows weary of physics. 

It must be obvious to all but the most cloistered of shadows that the editors have elected to reward popularity in lieu of honest physical achievement. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Ianelli or the football team, but TSL’s decision reflects a social hierarchy most reminiscent of elementary school.

Luke Willert PO ’13

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