Use the Opinions Section This Semester

Students, faculty, and staff of the Claremont Colleges,

I am writing to remind you of the importance of your opinions. In our classes here, we are taught to value critical thinking. In between your classes, I encourage you to think critically about the people and events around you. Examine and evaluate the communities of which you have chosen to be a part. If and when you wish to voice your attitudes and concerns, I want you to remember that this space is yours. I promise you that your words will have more value here than in a shout, a tweet or some spray paint on Walker Wall. 

Remember that the Opinions section is not a diary, a howler or a burn book. It is a space for thoughtful and relevant discourse. I urge you to be passionate, but also measured, opinionated and informed. You should introduce subjects from campus and beyond, enter existing conversations and prompt new ones. If you choose to respond to the opinions of others, which I encourage you to do, remember to avoid sound bites and vitriol. Reply with the same level of critical analysis we are taught to dedicate to our academics, which is the level that our peers and community members deserve. 

Please, take advantage of the openness of this environment and the accessibility of this newspaper. At some point during your time here, you will develop an opinion. I encourage you to take ownership of your views through authorship here. An opinion piece can often go a long way toward addressing your concerns. Even when it does not, your courage and ability to articulate those concerns will serve you wherever you go from here.

Claire Pershan PO ’15

Opinions Editor

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