Protect and Preserve Seaver House for Future Students

Dear Editor:

At the recent 47 Days Until Graduation Party here at the Seaver House, we experienced several incidents of theft. One student was discovered stuffing beer bottles into his backpack (we were serving champagne—the beer was stored in another room). At a Symposium party last semester, a perpetual trophy and several items were stolen from our storage room. A pillow that was handmade by the recipient of the Alumni Distinguished Service Award (who has since passed away) and donated to the Seaver House has also been stolen.

As alumni director I am deeply saddened by this sudden rash of theft. I have been on this campus for 25 years, and we have never experienced this type of behavior with our students. I am faced with two choices: banning all future student parties from this lovely space, or ridding the house of anything that can be stolen (pictures, floral pieces, pillows, etc.).

I am asking anyone who has taken (aka stolen) anything from the Seaver House to please return it. Items can be returned seven days a week, any time after 5 p.m. to the Campus Center Building Manager’s Office—no questions asked.

The Seaver House is like a museum. The items here have historical and sentimental value to those who have donated them. You would not go into a museum and take something, or steal an item from a friend’s home. This house is the alumni center of Pomona College, and we should all protect and preserve it.

Nancy Treser-Osgood PO ’80

Director of Alumni Relations

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